Grinding Machines

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GRINDING BREAKING You can make 1 to 20 kg of raw material in 1 hour. You can watch the videos of the GRINDING CRUSHING MACHINE from the raw material milling on our web page.

With the GRINDING BREAKER 1 MACHINE you can draw the following raw materials.

Genre, black pepper, tarhana, lentils, chickpeas, rice etc.


GRINDING CRUSHING MACHINE is the Only Patented Machine in its own class in Turkey.


Production Feature :
A unique machine that can easily crush dry pulses and dry rooted plants

How it is made :
Grinding – crushing
Crushing Method :
Comperssion Method
Length :
600 mm
Width :
300 mm
Total Height :
520 mm
Motor Power :
2.2 kW
Power Supply :
200-220 Volt
Energy Consumption :
2200 Watt/Hour
Weight :
43 kg
Hourly Capacity :
around 1 to 20 kg in an hour (may change depending on purity grade and seed density of the pressed material.) Can extract max 480 kg in 24 hours.
Application Area :
Manufacturing shops, Retail Sale Stores, Hospitals, Food production, chemical products, pharmaceutics….